Anonymous asked:

Do you know any MG anime where the girls actually fight crime? (Like,stopping purse snatchers and what not.)

Not many; most of them fight monsters. The only ones I know of are:

  • Saint Tail: She steals items that have previously been stolen and returns them to their rightful owners.
  • Tonde Buurin/Super Pig: She’s a more traditional superhero who stops mundane criminals like thieves, bullies, etc.
  • Cutey Honey, arguably: While Panther Claw is run by monstrous cat-ladies, they’re fundamentally a crime syndicate that steals valuable pieces of art, sculptures, jewelry, etc.

That’s about it.

Anonymous asked:

Which do you think are better - magical girl Warriors or magical girl witches?

I prefer Magic Warriors because I like butt-kicking and lesbian subtext. Then again, Sugar Sugar Rune is one of my favorite MG manga and it’s a Cute Witch story, albeit with plenty of butt-kicking and lesbian subtext.

fireyfobbitmedicine asked:

Do you know any magical girl mangas that don't have animes

Ooh, yes I do:

Stuff I’ve read:

Codename Sailor V: Prototype of Sailor Moon. Great on its own merits and as a historical piece.

ION: Pseudo-magical-girl sciency stuff. Arina Tanemura’s early work.

Mink: Sciency magic idol singer. By the author of Saint Tail. Bad. Not offensive, just incompetent.


Mistress Fortune: Co-ed esper duo fighting aliens. Arina Tanemura again. I found the main characters too annoying to read beyond the first few chapters.

Stuff I haven’t read:

Shadow Lady: Kaitou girl with a slinky black leather outfit.

Hyper Rune: By a CLAMP member.

Zodiac PI: Detective with astrology powers.

Pixie Pop: Age-enhancing soda.

Miracle Dieter Miyuki: A parody, obvs.

Gaba Kawa: Demon girl comes to the human world.

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips of mg shows where the main characters are fans of the genre?

Let’s see, the one that leaps to mind is Cardcaptor Sakura, where the heroine’s BFF, Tomoyo, is a Magical Girl nerd. She videotapes Sakura’s escapades and creates endless themed outfits for her since Sakura’s “transformation” doesn’t change her clothes at all.

TV Tropes tells me that Corrector Yui and Blossom of PPGZ are also MG fangirls, though I haven’t watched those shows yet.

bromez asked:

Hey, just discovered your blog, like what you've got going on. I also wanted to pass by a book recommendation that might shed some light on the whole "why does hentai have so much rape stuff" in it. Shutting Out The Sun is a really brilliant nonfiction book written by a Western journalist who's been living in Japan for a few decades named Michael Zielenziger. He talks about a lot of the social issues that modern Japan is dealing with, and the sex/porn stuff is really enlightening.

Wow, that looks like a really cool book, thanks for the rec! I’m looking at the Amazon preview pages, and I’m already seeing another possible answer to my question: self-imposed gender segregation. Half of Japanese men polled say they don’t have any female friends, and women poll similarly. If you never hang out with or talk to a certain type of person, it’s easier to dehumanize them in your mind, and therefore easier to stomach watching terrible things happen to them in your porn. Another possible answer: The deadlock between the genders — men who demand a traditional stay-at-home wife, and women who refuse to get married or have kids at all because they don’t want to give up their careers — I can see how that could spawn some resentful rape porn for men who feel cheated out of what society promised them.

Man, every time I read about real-life modern Japan, I get depressed. Though at least it makes me feel better about living in Recession-era America. Like, hey, it could be worse!

Anonymous asked:

I know Dream Hunter Rem is a proto-magical girl warrior show, but would Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora count as one as well?

Hey, I’ve actually seen that one! (Well the first ep anyway.) I would say no. It’s set in a fantasy world where magic/high tech is common, there’s no secret dual identities, no traveling to non-magical worlds. It’s just a standard fantasy/sci-fi mash-up.